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Should Grooms Wear Colorful Attire on Their Wedding Day?

There is a common misconception that grooms should always wear darker colors: black, navy, or gray. And while those look really stylish and nice, there’s absolutely no reason why your husband-to-be shouldn’t wear a colorful suit on your wedding day.


On the contrary, it takes courage and boldness to wear bright colors as a groom – and when done right, it can be extremely stylish as well.

Why should your groom consider it – and most importantly, how can you help him pull it off?

We have some tips for you.

  • Don’t be afraid. The key to wearing a colorful suit or tuxedo is doing it proudly, knowing that you are making a fashion statement with your wedding attire. Not feeling comfortable in a colored suit or tuxedo will be noticeable – but feeling like you can own the world wearing it can make the whole difference in the world!

  • Create a harmonious color palette. You might not want to pull together too many bright colors, especially if you don’t normally do this. There is a chance that you will look amazing wearing bright colors from head to toe – but if you are not very familiar with how to do this the right way, it won’t have the finesse you’re looking for. Stick to colors that play well together – choose one color to be the star, and then find complements.

  • The simple, sure-fire combo: dark neutrals and lively colors. A navy jacket and a pair of red pants is daring but can be avant-garde and really, really good looking thanks to the balance you’ve created. Likewise, a gray suit combined with a colored vest and funky accessories, or even a pair of black pants and a colored, patterned jacket can both be really good options for those who don’t want to risk too much. And if you want to be a little bolder, bring together colors that look good together in a natural way – such as a pair of brown or nude pants, a white shirt, and a deep green jacket.

  • Pastels can be amazing – especially with spring and summer weddings on their way. It’s actually really easy to pull off a pastel look as a groom – and it will look absolutely amazing against the white of your bride’s wedding dress! The key lies in picking pastel colors and balancing them out with a soft neutral – such as a very light nude or a white.

No matter what you decide to wear on your wedding day, do it proudly! This is an awesome moment in your life and you deserve to look at your very best!