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These Flower Trends Will Dominate the Wedding Scene in 2019

Weddings and flowers will always go hand in hand.

Of course, you are more than free to not include any kind of blooms in your wedding, but even so, it is fair to say that the majority of weddings do include at least some sort of flower arrangements. If you do want flowers at your wedding, however, you will definitely want to make sure they’re unique and beautiful.

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What are some of the flower trends that are bound to dominate this year? Read on and find your inspiration.

  • Peonies. OK, peonies never completely went out of fashion – they will always be a timeless bloom brides flock towards precisely because they are delicate and romantic. However, in 2019, peonies are coming back in full force, and we’ll see them everywhere as summer weddings kick in.

  • Elderflower. If you are searching for a brilliantly fragrant bloom to add to your arrangements and/or bouquets, consider elderflower. Beautiful, delicate, and with the spirit of summer embedded in every inch of these little flowers, elderflower makes for a fantastic choice. You can even tie it into your wedding menu, with drinks infused with this amazing plant!

  • Anemone. Simple, yet utterly classy and sophisticated, anemones are the best choice for a bride who wants a low-key, elegant wedding. Their prettiness is really hard not to love: the classic combination of black and white, the simplicity of the bloom itself, the ease with which they can be combined with other flowers or simply stand out on their own – there are a million reasons to love them and to want to incorporate them into your wedding.

  • Poppies. These are the ultimate summer bloom: they make you think of wilderness and beauty, of hot days and green meadows. Incorporate them into a boho chic or country chic wedding and they will work like a miracle!

  • Cabbage roses. Obviously, roses are not going out of fashion any time soon – but in 2019, we are about to see a variation that’s refreshing, casual, and romantic all at once. Cabbage roses are sweet and wild, romantic and full of power all at the same time.  That flexibility allows them to work well with many of the popular wedding themes and color schemes that are popular this year.

Whatever flowers you may choose for your wedding, always make sure you choose the ones that speak to you. Trends come and go, but years from now, you want to be able to look at your wedding pictures and still love every detail of the Big Day!