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How To Plan A Wedding (Fast)!

Every couple decides how long their engagement will be. Some couples take the standard one-year engagement. Others take longer. And others prefer to seal the deal and tie the knot as soon as possible. 


If you are in that latter category and you want to plan the dream wedding in a matter of months, it is very important to be focused and to know exactly what needs to be done (and when). 

What are some of the basic steps to follow if you want to reach the wedding of your dreams? 

  • Take the big (and probably hard) decisions first. The budget, the venue, the date – these are the holy trio of wedding planning. They are your foundation. Once you have decided on these, you can start thinking of colors and flowers and wedding details – but tackle these first and foremost before you move on. 

  • Time to think of the details! You want your wedding to be personal, so now that you have a venue and a date, you can decide on the actual details that will help you create a unique wedding day. For instance, this is the time to decide on an actual theme and the motifs you will include, as well as the precise colors and the decorative details that will add personality to your wedding day. 

  • Send out the invites! Since you want to make sure that as many people as possible can make it to your wedding, sending out the invitations in due time is incredibly important. So make sure you do this. And since you’re here, don’t forget to order your day-of stationery and your Thank You notes too. 

  • Pick the vendors. This is when you choose your smaller vendors, such as the catering company, the florist, and the DJ, for example. Don’t rush, but go with those that feel more suitable for you and for your wedding style. Compatibility and making sure you speak the same “language” is very important, so keep this in mind when selecting the best wedding specialists in your area! 

Yes, you might be running on a time bomb right now – but don’t forget that your engagement is a special time in your life. Take a break from wedding planning every now and again and simply enjoy being engaged. Believe it or not, it’s not about being stressed out – on the contrary! It’s a time to smile, and dance and rejoice!

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