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Decorate Your Chairs Using These Lovely Ideas

The best weddings are born out of beautiful details.

You can have the most amazing venue and the most designer-esque wedding dress in the world – but if your wedding day details aren’t aligned with your vision and theme, you will fall short of that “special vibe” all weddings should have.

That isn’t to say you should obsess over everything – but a couple of well-placed details can go a long way when it comes to creating the right atmosphere.

Take chairs, for example. Have you considered decorating them?


If yes, you should definitely steal some inspiration from the following 2019 wedding chair ideas – they are lovely!

  • Wooden “Mr. and Mrs.” signs. This one’s already a classic among rustic chic wedding planners and decorators – but it’s so pretty we can’t let it go! For a touch of uniqueness, add a long drape of tulle to the “Mrs.” chair (to resemble a wedding veil). It will look fun, playful, and romantic at the same time – exactly what you are looking for!

  • Flower garlands. This is such a superb idea, especially with spring and summer weddings right around the corner! Coordinate your chair garlands with the wedding flowers included in the centerpieces and bouquets to create a cohesive and elegant atmosphere.

  • Macramé. Some say macramé is the new chalkboard-and-cute-message in terms of garden wedding décor. Truth be told, macramé can look absolutely dreamy when used in the right places – and your sweetheart chairs are definitely among the best spots for this kind of décor. Even the simplest wooden chairs will be upgraded with a delicate and personal touch by the simplest macramé hanging on their backs!

  • Say it your own way. Cute wedding signs are always adorable – but when they reveal part of the love story behind the wedding, they are even better! Hang small framed messages in your native language to celebrate your ancestry, to make your moms cry, and to make for excellent wedding photos that will complement the visual story of your Big Day. It’s an easy way to create something really special for your bride and groom chairs.

Remember: no matter what trends might say, your wedding is yours. So if you want balloons, twinkly little stars, or paper flowers to decorate your wedding chairs because they feel closer to who you are, then go for it. This is how original weddings happen!


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Excellent Edible Wedding Favor Ideas Everyone Will Appreciate

Let’s get it straight from the very beginning: wedding favors are not mandatory. You can have them, or you can skip them, and nobody will actually mind it either way.


If you do decide to show your appreciation to the guests who have chosen to spend their time and money to celebrate your Big Day, do go for edible favors. They are highly appreciated by everyone and it’s really difficult to go wrong with them!

What are some of the very best edible wedding favors for your Big Day in 2019? Here are some of our top recommendations:

  • Mini pies. This is the perfect edible wedding favor for a country chic wedding. Pack your mini pies in small cardboard boxes imprinted with your wedding date or a cute message and you’re ready to go. Nobody can refuse a bite of a delicious homemade pie!

  • Custom M&Ms. Did you know you can have M&Ms printed with your own images? Imagine how cute it would be to serve your guests these much-beloved chocolate candies imprinted with your names or some funny, caricaturized versions of yourselves? People are always going to love this kind of candy, so it’s a guaranteed big win from the get-go.

  • Drinkable favors. A small bottle of wine or bubbly, or even a bottled cocktail – these can go a long way in terms of guests’ satisfaction. Label the mini bottles with a cute message and your names, monogram, and wedding date and everyone will adore these small presents. Because who doesn’t love a good drink that comes in an awfully adorable container?

  • Cake pops. They’re kind of like cupcakes, but with less frosting on the outside and on a stick. They’re the perfect bite-sized treat: they come in as many variations as you can imagine, and they are bound to sweeten up everyone at your wedding. Wrapped nicely, cake pops make for excellent wedding favors – even for those elegant, luxurious weddings, where every detail needs to be opulent and luxurious.

No matter what wedding favor you may choose, remember that your guests are there because they chose to. A small token of gratitude will definitely put a smile on their faces – but what goes the longest way in showing them you appreciate their presence is actually stopping for a minute to talk to each of them. They want to see the bride and groom