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Should Grooms Wear Colorful Attire on Their Wedding Day?

There is a common misconception that grooms should always wear darker colors: black, navy, or gray. And while those look really stylish and nice, there’s absolutely no reason why your husband-to-be shouldn’t wear a colorful suit on your wedding day.


On the contrary, it takes courage and boldness to wear bright colors as a groom – and when done right, it can be extremely stylish as well.

Why should your groom consider it – and most importantly, how can you help him pull it off?

We have some tips for you.

  • Don’t be afraid. The key to wearing a colorful suit or tuxedo is doing it proudly, knowing that you are making a fashion statement with your wedding attire. Not feeling comfortable in a colored suit or tuxedo will be noticeable – but feeling like you can own the world wearing it can make the whole difference in the world!

  • Create a harmonious color palette. You might not want to pull together too many bright colors, especially if you don’t normally do this. There is a chance that you will look amazing wearing bright colors from head to toe – but if you are not very familiar with how to do this the right way, it won’t have the finesse you’re looking for. Stick to colors that play well together – choose one color to be the star, and then find complements.

  • The simple, sure-fire combo: dark neutrals and lively colors. A navy jacket and a pair of red pants is daring but can be avant-garde and really, really good looking thanks to the balance you’ve created. Likewise, a gray suit combined with a colored vest and funky accessories, or even a pair of black pants and a colored, patterned jacket can both be really good options for those who don’t want to risk too much. And if you want to be a little bolder, bring together colors that look good together in a natural way – such as a pair of brown or nude pants, a white shirt, and a deep green jacket.

  • Pastels can be amazing – especially with spring and summer weddings on their way. It’s actually really easy to pull off a pastel look as a groom – and it will look absolutely amazing against the white of your bride’s wedding dress! The key lies in picking pastel colors and balancing them out with a soft neutral – such as a very light nude or a white.

No matter what you decide to wear on your wedding day, do it proudly! This is an awesome moment in your life and you deserve to look at your very best!


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Planning Your Wedding Menu? Check Out These Tips!

Everyone loves to eat – and when it comes to special events such as your wedding, food can be a really important component of how people feel at your wedding.


What are some of the things you should keep in mind when planning your wedding menu?

We’ve gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Fresh, fresh, fresh. There’s no compromise on this – you should make sure your catering company chooses the best and freshest ingredients. From the greens used in your salads to the edible flowers in your special cocktail, each and every ingredient set on your wedding tables should be fresh. It will look better, taste better, and be far more satisfying for your guests.

  • Go local. Buying local produce for your wedding is great from a long list of points of view. For once, it will be simply easier to access – which circles back to our first point (because ease of access also means the produce will be fresher). Furthermore, local, homegrown ingredients just taste better. Last, but definitely not least, why not help out local economy if you have the opportunity?

  • Consider dietary options. You may not be able to plan a separate wedding menu for every type of dietary restriction under the sun. However, you can plan at least a vegetarian option, and you can also allow guests to opt out of dairy products. Also, try to avoid common allergens (like peanuts and gluten for example). If you have to use them in a wedding dish, be sure your guests are informed about this.

  • Comfort foods win the race! You really don’t have to serve extra fancy foods. You can, especially if the wedding itself is on the fancier side. However, the truth is that most guests are more than happy enjoying foods that are simpler and closer to “home”. From mac and cheese to pizza and doughnuts, all comfort foods can be successfully incorporated in your wedding – and people will love them. The key lies in presenting them in a cute, attractive way!

Whatever food you choose for your wedding day, be sure it represents you in terms of taste and even cultural heritage. Adding foods your family has been making for a long time or foods that pertain to your cultural ancestry can actually make the wedding feel more personal and unique, so don’t be afraid to do it!


Planning + Design: Burlap & Bordeaux | Catering: Martino’s Catering | Photography: Rewind Photography