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4 Lovely Ways to Include Your Pet in the Big Day

Your pup or your kitten are an important part of your family.  They offer you comfort in days of sadness and they share your excitement on the best of days as well.

Naturally, you may be considering options for including your little furry friend in one of the biggest days of your life.

But how exactly can do you do that?

We have gathered 4 lovely ways to include pets in your Big Day – so read on and find out more.

  • Planning to give guests take-home bags for the goodies? Why not print them with the cutest photo you snapped of you with your pet – or even allow guests themselves to personalize the bags with stickers featuring your pet? This is a really cute way to include your pet in the wedding, plus any children attending the wedding will love playing with the stickers too.

  • Print their cute faces on a pocket square and/or handkerchief. Want to take your pup with you everywhere on the wedding day? Why not have their adorable little faces embroidered into a pocket square for the groom and/or a handkerchief for the bride? This is a very sweet way of showing everyone just how much you love your buddy.

  • Honor them with the Ring Bearer status. This is a truly lovely way of showing the entire world your pup is really part of the family. Tie a small necklace around their neck, so that they can carry the rings down the aisle and ask one of the bridesmaids or groomsmen to help them find their way to the altar. This will take some training and a well-behaved pup, but we guarantee everyone will AWW out loud seeing this!

  • Shoot some photos with your pet. Holding your pet at the wedding for the entire day might be tiresome and confusing for them, especially with so many unknown people around them. However, bringing them along for the photo shoot before the reception will help you capture your happiness together with them. In many ways, they are part of the wedding party, so why wouldn’t they get their special section in your photo album?

Your pets are part of your life – they reflect you, your personality, and your story. Of course it’s desirable that you include them in the Big Day! One word of caution though, only bring your pet to the wedding if they are completely comfortable around a lot people that they have never met before and can sit quietly for the time needed.  Also be sure to enlist the help of a friend or relative to be your designated pet-sitter for the day as you will be busy with photos, attending to guests, and dancing. Your pet-sitter should have a backup plan, for example, keys to take your pet back home if they unexpectedly get nervous or agitated during the ceremony or reception and need a break.


Venue: Oceanview Farm | Photography: Michelle Ramirez | Planning + Design: Burlap & Bordeaux