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These Wedding Photos Are Really Must-Haves

Wedding photography is simply magical. While your day might only last for a few hours and while your memory might be able to “record” all the tiny (and beautiful!) details of this special events, photography is there to help you keep those memories fresh for the rest of your lives.


Wedding photos are more than just captures of an event, though. They tell a visual story the same way artistic paintings and sculptures talk about philosophy, politics, and society.

What are some of the wedding photos you should definitely include in your album, though?

We have some tips for you to make sure all your bases are covered.

The Getting Ready - This is a candid capture of the emotion and nervousness before the Big Day. A lot of couples only include pictures of the bride getting ready, but it’s really nice when the groom’s nervousness is captured too – it looks very nice in the wedding album when both pictures are put side by side.


The Portraits - Before you shoot a romantic portrait together, ask your photographer to shoot portraits of both of you separately. Again, it will complement the entire visual story told by your wedding album and it will make everything more genuine and candid.


The Wedding Party - These guys and gals have been there for you since you said “yas” to that pretty ring on your finger. They surely deserve a couple of photos just for them. These pictures are usually fun and youthful, so let them go wild (literally) if you want to achieve the best photos!


The Walk - The moment you walk down the aisle is amazing. There will be a lot of nervousness involved, there will be tears (yours and your guests), and there will be pure magic floating in the air. Ask your photographer to capture all this – and don’t forget to ask him to capture your groom’s face when he sees you for the first time as a bride too.


The Firsts - The First Kiss, the First Dance, the First Look, the Cutting of the Cake – these are parts of your wedding story. They add to the candid feeling of the album and they make it feel complete. They are the kind of pictures that will make you smile one day, thirty years from now when you will be looking back at your Big Day.


No matter what kind of pictures you decide to take, allow your personality to shine through – it’s the best way to make sure your pictures are 100% unique!