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4 Wedding Roles You Can Assign Friends Who Aren’t in the Wedding Party

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime kind of event. The kind of event where you want to be surrounded by your loved ones – by the friends close to your heart, by the family who always showed you their love.


However, you cannot include everyone in the wedding party – for numerous reasons, as you will see in the tips we have gathered below. Why is that – and how to make your friends feel included even if they aren’t in the actual wedding party?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


Having a very big wedding party is all well and fine – but do keep in mind that this can be costly (for you as much as it is for them) and that it can very easily get out of control if they don’t all know each other and communicate effectively with each other. In general, wedding party size is determined by the number of guests too, so if you’re having a smaller or medium-sized wedding, you might want to avoid having a wedding party that’s too large.


There are many other roles to assign friends who aren’t in the wedding party, though. For instance, you could ask someone to give a reading during the wedding ceremony. This is a really nice gesture to make for someone you are actually close to (and may have even wanted them in the wedding party, but they couldn’t get involved too much).


Furthermore, you could also ask a friend to give a speech at the wedding. Traditionally, the Best Man is obliged to give a speech on behalf of the “friends” at the wedding. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot ask someone else to do it as well.


Does your friend have any special talent? Maybe they make the best cookies in a three-state area. Or maybe they sing heavenly. Or maybe they are just great with telling jokes and could pull off a one-man show moment. Regardless of what it is, asking them to have a special moment at your wedding is a wonderful way of showing them how much you care about them (plus, extra-entertainment will be appreciated by everyone!).

Your wedding, your rules. As long as your ideas aren’t offending to anyone at the wedding, feel free to let your creativity roam wild – you will not regret it!