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Ideas to Make Your Wedding More Personal


As the biggest workforce and the next big generation to get married, Millennials are changing the rules of the wedding game – and not just through the colors they use for the décor or the kind of attires they prefer to wear on the Big Day, but through the very way they see their weddings and the way they make them happen.

Personality and uniqueness are key words for Millennial couples – so it should be no surprise that most of the weddings are taking the road less walked on and leaving behind many traditions. And that is totally OK – after all, your Big Day is yours and you deserve to plan the kind of event you will look back at and genuinely smile every time.

What are some tips to make your own wedding more personal? Here are some of our top recommendations.

  • Decide which traditions work for you, and which of them don’t. Do you want a bouquet toss? Only about half of Millennial couples choose to have one at their wedding, so you wouldn’t be much of an exception if you chose to toss the bouquet toss. The same goes for pretty much every other wedding tradition – the First Dance, the Last Dance, the Cutting of the Cake, or, why not, the white wedding dress itself.

  • Skip the elements you’re not very keen on. Not a huge fan of the classic multi-tiered white wedding cake? That’s fine, you can find a million and one alternatives for it. A chocolate cake, a tower of cupcakes, a wall filled with doughnuts, or simply a table of your favorite pies – any of these are totally acceptable these days. The key here is to choose something you actually like.

  • Bring in your personality at every opportunity you get. Walk down the aisle alone, or to a heavy metal song if that speaks to you. Hold a bouquet made of paper roses. Get away on a bicycle. Go on a honeymoon six months after the wedding. Make your own rules – your generation is changing the landscape and creating a world of weddings that’s more diverse and more personal than ever!

More than anything, do everything with a smile on your face. Your wedding is one of the happiest days of your life and you deserve to do whatever makes you feel good – and if that’s eating burgers in a designer wedding gown, then so be it!

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Venue: Rockwood Women’s Club
Design, Planning, floristry: Burlap & Bordeaux
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