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Can You Have an Outdoor Fall Wedding?


As a bride, you want nothing more than to have a truly fantastic wedding – the kind that looks and feels so good that guests talk about it months, and even years after it has ended.  Of course, outdoor weddings are quite popular with brides and grooms who love being surrounded by the beauties of nature – but would such a wedding theme work during the fall?


Yes, you can totally have a fall outdoor wedding. The key lies in planning for good, as well as bad weather. Unfortunately, nobody can ever actually plan weather, regardless of the season outside – but what you can do is have a plan B in case it rains. A wedding tent or an indoor space, umbrellas for your guests, heaters, and other similar items can remove the risk of bad weather from your wedding day.

There are a lot of reasons to love the idea of a fall outdoor wedding. Just think of the spectacular landscapes everywhere – the colors, the romance, the beauty, the elegance! It will all look so absolutely stunning! Even more, you can use fall’s best items to decorate your wedding too – pumpkins, leaves, fruits, they can all become part of your wedding décor in a stunning way!

Moreover, a fall outdoor wedding is the perfect time to show off some trendy sleeves. Wedding gowns with 3/4 and full-length sleeves are really popular right now – and we can see why! They look so romantic and timeless that you simply cannot resist the option, especially if you’re a fall bride!

No matter what season you may choose for your Big Day, remember the most important element of it all: making it personal and unique. This is YOUR wedding, so you’re allowed to play by YOUR rules, especially when it comes to décor, timing, and so on. If you're excited to have your wedding this upcoming Fall, let us know - Burlap and Bordeaux would love to help make your dream wedding come true!

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