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Wedding Invitation Etiquette Dos and Don'ts


Wedding etiquette can be a really confusing thing when so many things have changed and continue to change. We have a few Dos and Don'ts for the modern wedding invitation etiquette that you should definitely keep in mind if you want to make sure everyone at your wedding feels great. Read on and find out!

  • DO add dress code information on your wedding invitation, and offer your guests more information on what that means exactly on your wedding website. Some of them might be confused as to what a particular dress code means, so offering them extra information will help them wear something that doesn’t make them feel overdressed or underdressed. If you don’t have a wedding website, you can create an email group, a Facebook group, or anything else that will allow you to share tips with your wedding guests.

  • DON’T add registry information on your wedding invitation. This is still considered to be tacky, so it’s really important to make sure you avoid it. The best way to share your wedding registry information is through your Maid of Honor, bridesmaids, and mothers. You can also add this to your wedding website if you choose to have one.

  • DO add accommodation wedding venue localization information. Anything from maps to written directions and even GPS coordinates will definitely help your guests find their hotel and venue easier. Why not make the most out of what technology has to give and offer your guests the chance to get to your wedding in time?

  • DON’T forget to send the invitations as soon as you can. In general, it’s fine to send the invitations about 8 weeks before the Big Day. However, if you plan on having a destination wedding, it might be better for everyone if you sent the invitations sooner than that. Also, in this case, a Save the Date card is almost mandatory, as it will give guests plenty of time to plan their trip and everything associated with it (vacation days, transportation, and so on).

Wedding rules may have changed a lot in the past couple of decades – but some are here to stay, not because of tradition, but because they help everyone feel good. Keep these etiquette rules in mind and your guests will absolutely love you for it!