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How To Have an Elegant Colorful Wedding


Your wedding color scheme is very, very important in setting the right tone and creating the right ambiance for your Big Day. However, if you want to have a colorful wedding color palette, you might be afraid to go for it because you don’t want it to be, well, too much.

It can be done, though. You can actually incorporate a colorful palette into your wedding and still be elegant and classy. How? We have some tips for you - so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Learn about the color wheel. This is at the very foundation of a successful color palette for any event. As you will see on the color wheel, colors that are opposed to each other are contrasting (and they are called “complementary colors”). In general, you don’t want to mix too many of these colors when creating a wedding color palette - it will just make things seem crowded and way too bright-colored (even if they actually aren’t).

  • Tone it down with white and neutrals. Whichever color scheme you may choose, it is quite important to have at least one shade of white or a neutral in there. Sure, you could probably pull off an all-colored wedding color scheme as well - but this tends to be more difficult, so if you want to play it safely, it’s best to follow this tip of advice.

  • Work with “color families”. Or, in other words, work with different hues of the same color. Even if it’s the brightest yellow or blue on Earth, working with different hues of the same color will eventually work beautifully into the entire palette, creating balance and a great atmosphere.

  • When in doubt, use color as an accent, rather than the “base”. For instance, white wedding linens will look amazing with four and even five colors on them - and, as long as they pertain to the same “typology” (e.g. bright colors, pastels, etc.), you can definitely pull it off.

Don’t be afraid to use color! When used harmoniously, vivid colors can add so much to your entire wedding atmosphere! They can brighten up a less-than-sunny day, they can add playfulness to your wedding ambiance, and they can make everything feel hopeful, positive, and youthful. Sure, neutrals and pastels are fine - but if you want to make a big statement, color should be your friend!

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