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Tips If You’re Attending A Bridal Show


Bridal shows are an amazing way of saving time, saving money, and making sure you are booking the right wedding specialists for your Big Day. However, simply walking around the stands and asking one or two questions may not be enough – so it’s important for you to know how to make the most out of a bridal show attendance.

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more so you'll be ready for Simply The Best Wedding Showcase of Santa Barbara on September 9, 2018! 

  • Bring a friend or two – but don’t bring your entire wedding party. You need someone with a critical eye who knows exactly what you want and what you need for your wedding and who can spot it from the myriad of vendors present at the bridal show. You need someone who is honest with you and who will tell you if someone is just not right for your style.

  • Do your homework. Don’t just go to a bridal show not knowing what you are searching for. Make a list of the vendors you still have to hire, check out who will be present at the bridal show, and go visit them directly before you start wandering around the exhibition and losing your way. Also, remember to have a few essential questions in mind for each type of vendor you are looking for.

  • Have your wedding details on small notes. Most wedding vendors will ask you to leave your contact and wedding details in a guestbook or notebook of some kind. To save time and make sure you don’t forget to do this, prepare self-adhesive notes you can actually stick into your chosen vendors’ notebooks.

  • Hunt down offers. Bridal show exhibitors will frequently put out offers, discounts, and contests for visitors and if you are running on a tighter budget, these things can be real gold. Just make sure you don’t let yourself be drawn into a relationship with a vendor you don’t actually like just because they have a good discount – in the end, this might make you unhappy, and that’s the last thing you want for your wedding.

Keep your focus, and ask your friend to do the same. Bridal shows can be really fun and useful, but they can be very much of a distraction as well. Maintain your focus on the things that matter to you as a bride-to-be and you will make the most out of your visit! We would love to see you all there on September 9 at Santa Barbara Woman's Club for Simply The Best Wedding Showcase of Santa Barbara!