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Pantone "Ultraviolet" Color of the Year Into Your Wedding


Pantone’s Color of the Year is always fascinating – especially to the world of weddings, where this color gets incorporated in stunning wedding décor, year after year.  In 2018, Pantone declared that the color of the year is Ultraviolet – a bright, lively shade of purple that’s just perfect for a wide range of wedding styles.

If you would like to use it for your wedding, we have gathered some of the very best ideas from our very own weddings on how to do it – so scroll on and find your inspiration!

  • Flowers. You may not find actual Ultraviolet-colored flowers. However, you can find A LOT of violet and purple flowers that look extremely well in this type of wedding color scheme. A monochrome bouquet with bright-colored purple flowers makes a great statement, while a bouquet with white and toned-down and pastel purple flowers will beautifully complement the rest of the wedding décor. Either way, this is bound to look absolutely stunning!
  • Invitations. Imagine black envelopes with an Ultraviolet floral lining and wedding invitations in the same color. Wouldn’t THAT look really beautiful? Elegant and unique, this type of wedding invitation suite design is more than amazing for a modern wedding. It makes a pretty strong statement from the very beginning, making your guests feel curious about your upcoming Big Day.
  • Bridesmaids. Truth be told, Ultraviolet looks magnificent on both short and long dresses. Our suggestion is using a simple design, though – the color is already quite bold and it will definitely make your bridesmaids stand out. Choosing a dress design that’s too intricate may make their looks feel just a bit too much over the top – so it’s probably best to stick to a simple cut and a fairly simple fabric.
  • Table décor. There’s a billion ways to incorporate Ultraviolet into your table décor. For example, you could use a simple table linen and pair it with bright floral arrangements and Ultraviolet glassware. Or you could bring Pantone’s Color of the Year into your floral centerpieces (including the vases you use for them). For a rustic-chic wedding, short white and violet floral centerpieces will look really good with dark wooden tables and chairs, for example. There’s a world of options here – use your imagination and you can’t go wrong with your Ultraviolet table décor!

Regardless of the ways you choose to incorporate Ultraviolet in your wedding décor, rest assured that you will definitely stand out. This is a unique color with a lot of power and energy to it – so it’s just perfect for couples who want a youthful, unique wedding day!

A special thank you you to Leah Marie PhotographySara WeirTeresa Marie Photography and Rewind Photography for capturing such beautiful details and moments from our above weddings!