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Inviting your Furry Friends to your Wedding!


Happy New Year! Did you get engaged over the holidays? Thinking about who to include on your big day? How about your furry best friend? Should they be included in the wedding too? And if yes, how to do this in a way that will steal everyone’s hearts?

Yes, you should definitely include your kitten, puppy, or any other “furry” friend you may have in the wedding. These little guys offer you unconditional love and undivided attention – so why not bring them with you on one of the most amazing days of your life? However, if you decide to do this, do make sure they don’t get too anxious when they are surrounded by many people. Also, do make sure there will be someone especially assigned to take care of them during the wedding and make sure there is someone to take them home when it could get too tiresome for them too.

One of the best ways to include your furry friends in the wedding is by simply including them in the photo shooting. This can result in photos that are absolutely adorable – pictures you will love one, two, and twenty-two years from now as well!


Another adorable way to include a dog in the wedding is to make him your “Ring Bearer”. This can be easily solved with a tiny box you can hang on his/her collar and a bridesmaid or a groomsman willing to “walk him/her” down the aisle. It will make for such a cute, unforgettable, and unique moment at your ceremony!


Don’t forget to “dress up” your kitten or pup too! A pretty bow-tie, a little tutu skirt, a suit made just for them – these small details can make them an even more adorable companion for your wedding day. DO make sure they are comfortable with their “attires”, though – if they aren’t, it’s better to keep it as simple as possible (such as by simply putting on a more festive collar on them).

Your pets are your friends – and they surely deserve to be part of your Big Day! Beyond all cuteness, do make sure your furry friends are safe more than anything. Sparklers, crowds, fireworks and other typical wedding elements might scare them off – so remember to have someone take them away before any of that happens! You want your little balls of furry joy to be happy on your wedding day – just as you want every other guest to be happy too!

Creative Team
Venue: Quail Ranch 
Photographer: Rewind Photography
Wedding Planner, Designer, and Floristry: Burlap & Bordeaux
DJ: Dj Zeke SB
Catering: Command Performance
Rentals: A Rental Connection
Linens: Dreams America Linens